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"Before meeting Selma, I would describe my life on autopilot, I had gone through a traumatic family experience and had shut down emotionally but had continued to experience depression and bursts of negative emotion. I felt like I was drowning, that I had lost my sense of self, had lost sight of my dreams. I was prone to spiralling to extremely negative emotions and I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. I wanted to not be controlled by my emotions, to have clarity and gain back my confidence in my feminine intuition." 



"I wasn’t sure what change I was looking for in life, all I knew was something was feeling really wrong.  I was suffering from constant low moods, lack of self-belief, an inability to take control of the direction my life is heading towards and a genuine lack of insight into what it is I need or want. I did not particularly enjoy my line of work and add to the mix an overwhelmed busy mum with young children – I was generally feeling lost and unhappy. After a conversation with my husband I mentioned I am considering life coaching, he encouraged me to go for it because he can see there’s something keeping me in this vicious circle of unhappiness rooted in unmet needs and desires."



"I realised I was desperate to attempt anything that could potentially get me out of the vicious cycle I was in. It was a very dangerous cycle because only I knew the implications it had on me. I was feeling lost, helpless, useless, unaccomplished, insecure: these are only a few of the negative thoughts that consumed me. My loved ones may have noticed that something was wrong but would have never guessed how damaged and confused I became. Something about this program was different. I wasn't sure what it was exactly. One of the factors that made the programme more appealing to me was the fact it was going to be coached by a Muslim woman. I was in need of someone I felt would truly understand me."



"Looking back to where I started, I cannot believe how much has changed in 12 weeks. Before embarking on this journey I was in a very different place.​ I felt stuck. Struggling with my health, as well as not feeling motivated, I really didn’t know what to do. It was a vicious circle. What I wanted was to get healthy, to feel I was alive, and I wanted balance and a sustainable routine. I wanted to have great dreams, goals and visions again, and simply get unstuck. All the different struggles were so overwhelmingly exhausting. I did not sleep well, I suffered from constant heart palpitations and anxiety attacks, and I felt such pressure to change but I had no idea where to start. I had convinced myself that something was seriously wrong with me... 

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