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"Nothing is more important than the intent to feel life in all it's fullness"

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Selma has a distinct ability to disentangle my clouded thoughts and lightened the load I feel and reaching into my subconscious to help me discover what is affecting me. I come away feeling empowered and motivated to help myself”


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Before finding the courage to create and live the life of my dreams and my own terms, my life was very different from the one I lead today.

I worked in the corporate world for 16 years in various organisations, building my portfolio career in Business and the IT sector. 

As time went by on this journey of growth and expansion, I always felt that my inner voice was calling me to be more and that I was destined to truly build something that would lead to meaningful and impactful change. I knew that time was very precious, and that I wanted to unlock my true potential. Even though I enjoyed working and being of service, I never felt that I had found my calling and decided to take the plunge and leave the Corporate world in 2016 and fully dedicate myself to discovering what that was.

Since that pivotal decision, I have never looked back and my life was to change completely. Attending ‘the One Women’ Conference in November 2016, I was so struck by the passionate and dedicated women of the Soft Power Paradigm movement that I joined their ‘Lead The Change’ 12-month leadership program for women. From that point onwards, everything changed. I finally was able to tap into the meaning of making my difference in the world. The impact and transformation of that journey inspired me to then train to become a ‘One of Many’ Certified Women’s Coach in 2018. Continuing my self-development and paying it forward to other women who feel the same as I did all those years ago. 

This journey has led me on a beautiful path of healing and self-discovery and finally owning and accessing my natural strength; my feminine power. And I want this more than anything for you too.

Through the bespoke heart-centred journeys, my clients are guided to heal their hearts, followed by discovering, harnessing, and activating their potential and finally blossoming in their creativity and fully embodied feminine leadership.

From this space I guide women to heal and fully embody their feminine essence and harness their natural strengths as women, allowing them to be more effective than ever before. I help women step out of Superwoman and Burnout Mode and guide them to tap into and embrace a new way of operating through “Soft Power" and Embodied Feminine Leadership.

In turn, my clients succeed in ways they’d never imagined possible and transform in all areas of their lives. 

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To facilitate your innermost connection with Self and to take you through a self-discovery process that brings awareness to you regarding your innermost values, talents, dreams, and purpose.

To hold a sacred, unconditionally loving space that allows you to be completely okay where you are, right now. In that space, my role is to hold you responsible, without judgment, for the things you promised yourself to accomplish.​

YOU are the best source of your own answers and that the most resourceful place for you to access your knowledge is in your own individualized connection with your Heart, your Divine Source.

I provide the space for you to listen and connect with your inner wisdom and that is where the secrets of fulfilment lie.

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