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"Before meeting Selma, I would describe my life on autopilot, I had gone through a traumatic family experience and had shut down emotionally but had continued to experience depression and bursts of negative emotion. I felt like I was drowning, that I had lost my sense of self, had lost sight of my dreams. I was prone to spiralling to extremely negative emotions and I didn’t know how to get myself out of it. I wanted to not be controlled by my emotions, to have clarity and gain back my confidence in my feminine intuition.  

I was searching for a therapist or counsellor that would be able to guide me through making sense of some of the experiences I had and the emotional baggage I carried. I was seeking someone that I felt comfortable and safe with, that would understand my situation in a non-judgmental way in light of my religious and cultural beliefs.  

I gained valuable tools to help restructure the way I thought and responded to experiences around me. I gained confidences and compassion for myself. A rekindling of the belief that I was the master of my own fate and that I had choices, I had the freedom I had sought and fought so had to obtain but had not recognised. I really valued Selma’s calm, compassionate nature, she was incredibly patient with me and often let me speak about what was really bothering me that week at length. She delved deeper where she saw the root of the issue and was a very intuitive and responsive coach. 

I don’t think I would have delved as deeply as I did in some of the meditations as I did with her. I also really valued how she kept me accountable, week to week even over activities that I had deemed as ‘fun or just for self-care that I wouldn’t usually have followed through with. I really struggle with accountability and follow-through stemming from a lack of it during my childhood but through accountability, I learnt compassion for myself.  

Life is not without its complications and challenged however I do not feel ruled by emotions nor overwhelmed by what the future might hold. I use the tools and skills I had learnt throughout this course every day to make sense of my circumstances and to bring clarity and peace into my life.  


If you are looking for the tools to make sense of the madness, if you’re looking to learn about yourself in a compassionate and kinder way then this is beyond doubt the journey to embark on. You get to tailor the course to your needs and along with an excellent coach it will be the first step in giving you the tools to transform your life, to reconnect with your higher true self and build a vision for what you want your life to be. I hope every woman discovers the power of her femininity. This course was a turning point and I recommend it to anyone.  


Meeting Selma was a stroke of serendipity, and her patience, kindness, compassion and insight was of someone who truly cared and truly wanted me to make that positive growth in my life. She was my cheerleader and someone that guided me and shined clarity. This coaching journey was a turning point and I recommend it to anyone." 

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