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“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” 

Stop acting so small. You are universe in ecstatic motion.
Set your life on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames.
~ RUMI ~

An Invitation to
Activate and Lead with Your Heart

9 Month Guided 1:1 Sacred Journey

Transport yourself beyond the limitations of your daily life.

In this extraordinary activation journey, you will undergo a complete exploration and transformation of your sacred leader within. 

A holistic deep dive into Pillars of Heart Centred Leadership, Intuition, Vision and Mission and Embodiment.

This journey is designed to guide you to an even deeper understanding of yourself and your Heart's desires and a guided journey into your own unique leadership essence, your unique gift. 

Highly recommend to book a 1:1 discovery session to learn more about how this can be perfect for you.


Awakened Intuition, Inner Guidance, Confidence, Ongoing Powertypes Integration and Embodiment, Enhanced Sense of Fulfilment and Purpose, AuthenticityElevation, Leadership Pillars

18 Fortnightly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

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