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Image by Church of the King


"What a journey these past three months have been with Selma.  I was naturally hesitant at first to embark on such a journey of self-discovery.  I wasn’t sure what change I was looking for in life, all I knew was something was feeling really wrong.  I was suffering from constant low moods, lack of self-belief, an inability to take control of the direction my life is heading towards and a genuine lack of insight into what it is I need or want.   I did not particularly enjoy my line of work and add to the mix an overwhelmed busy mum with young children – I was generally feeling lost and unhappy.  After a conversation with my husband I mentioned I am considering life coaching, he encouraged me to go for it because he can see there’s something keeping me in this vicious circle of unhappiness rooted in unmet needs and desires.   

I was interested in the feminine power types which I had seen Selma offers coaching around.  They spoke of the concept of female soft power, very new and foreign to me.  This appealed to me because as a busy mother I often felt my needs would be complicated for life coaching that focused solely on goals and achievement.  I wanted something more holistic and tailored to the female.  Only we understand the full depth of our struggles and I believe the world of self -improvement or achievement has become littered with male narratives on the issue which naturally may leave us feeling more disempowered when we fixate on goal-oriented betterment.  

The journey was filled with aha moments, I learnt so many things which have made the journey so nurturing and enjoyable.  It taught me how to manage mum burnout, how to be a more openly loving wife, a more compassionate mother.  How to understand me better in order to know what my values are and as a result better able to choose the field of work I would find fulfilment in.  How to align me with my purpose.  How to believe in my vision and to believe in my abilities.  How to show compassion towards myself and as a result towards others. How to create healthy boundaries.  The list goes on and on. 

Selma was a wonderful coach who listened attentively giving her full attention. She was always accessible and just a text message away.  The power of being heard is life-changing.  Also the importance of accountability and having someone who will hold you to your word is often underestimated.   I discovered so many things about myself through these sessions.  The coaching sessions have completely changed my outlook on life and I can often hear Selma's voice in my head now when approaching situations.   

The three months felt much longer and like I said to Selma, time seemed to almost standstill in these three months as if the whole universe makes space for you when you say yes to yourself and take steps towards God and Love in all its forms.  Please SAY YES today you will not regret it.  All praise due to the One most High."

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