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Image by Church of the King


"Looking back to where I started, I cannot believe how much has changed in 12 weeks. Before embarking on this journey I was in a very different place.

I felt stuck. Struggling with my health, as well as not feeling motivated, I really didn’t know what to do. It was a vicious circle. What I wanted was to get healthy, to feel I was alive, and I wanted balance and a sustainable routine. I wanted to have great dreams, goals and visions again, and simply get unstuck. All the different struggles were so overwhelmingly exhausting. I did not sleep well, I suffered from constant heart palpitations and anxiety attacks, and I felt such pressure to change but I had no idea where to start. I had convinced myself that something was seriously wrong with me... 

“Why can’t I just get on with everything like everyone else?” I felt shame, guilt and frustration over being stuck and exhausted. However, I was very good at not disclosing this to people around me, and even better at keeping up with the pretense that I was okay.

The twelve weeks were well thought through and the order in which Selma introduced every new tool and topic felt natural and well planned. Selma created a beautiful space of sharing and trust which gave me the courage to open up about my struggles. It was continuous openness and care that never felt forced or faked. As women, I think we often find answers through discourse, be it through journaling or through a conversation with a friend. And my sessions with Selma were definitely a place for self-discovery and expression. I always looked forward to our weekly sessions. To create a safe and beautiful space filled with empathy, yet within the perimeters of professionalism, is as much a gift as it is a skill. Selma, you’re awesome! Thank You.

Today, I live in a different reality. I am on the road to recovery and health. I no longer get the anxiety attacks, I sleep better, and I feel so much more in tune with myself. I feel more confident in making decisions that meet my needs. I’m aware of my energy and make sure I protect it. My mindset has shifted. Whenever I feel I have fallen into a disempowering archetype, I know how to get out of it.

​Getting to know and learn to have access to all of the Power Types has been transformative. For the first time in my life, I have acquainted myself with my own Queen Archetype! I have been a people pleaser my whole life. No more! Getting to know what my Queen energy feels like and stepping into that role is one of the most significant changes I have felt.

I am still learning, but it is the shift in mindset that has made the biggest difference. I can now identify when I’m moving towards imbalance. By looking at my needs and the different Power Types, I use the various tools to adjust my course of action. The tools I was given have been great, but it is also Selma who helped me get out of my shell and motivated me to trust the process.

​My values have also shifted dramatically. When I first identified my values with Selma, it was quite clear I was stuck and that I was moving away from many values that I actually needed. I was surprised to see this shift myself, even though I had felt it. I retook the Power Type test after my twelve weeks and the results floored me. I had felt the change but there was something reassuring about seeing it in print. I had moved away from a stagnant place to a more balanced expression of self.

Today, I’m setting intentions and I’m looking ahead with optimism, goals and visions. Thank you, Selma! It’s been a pleasure to share this amazing journey with you.

You will gain so many tools that will help you with whatever your struggles are. As for Selma, she knows what she is doing, she is amazing. Go for it! ”

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