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"A year ago I was angry at losses, disappointments and challenges. Afraid of change. Stuck in the mud of my life. I wanted so much more for myself. I wanted to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. But most of all I wanted to be at peace. At the time I believed that things were fine and things were coming together for me. I was still in recovery from depression and although I didn't feel sad, I often found myself in my bed, tired and with very low motivation. Also, my relationship with my husband was still not as good as I would have liked it to be. I wanted more zest for life and the get-up and go to pursue it. This included becoming a better home educator. Obviously, it was a considerable financial outlay which meant I was reluctant but the possibility of having a better life meant I decided that the cost was worth looking after myself. 

During my year of coaching, Selma guided me to move closer to my goals by acting as a mirror to my life. She helped me to reflect on my reactions to difficult situations, showing me how to respond from a growth centred approach.

As a direct result of the coaching, I can say I love my husband more than ever.  I can frame my relationship and interactions with him in a wider context. I feel like embracing my femininity has given him the space to be more masculine. I feel a lot more gratitude towards him and praise him more. Things just feel more compassionate between us. In general, I think that my relationship has also improved with my kids. Its more to do with me embracing the mother in me and not feeling guilty about using tough love or indeed about spending time on myself. 

Finally, learning about the different positive archetypes has helped to bring out the better side of me especially when feeling triggered. Just understanding that I can embody an archetype is liberating. 

Without Selma's coaching, I wouldn't have accepted moving house to a new city (leaving the safety net of my family and friends) to embrace a whole host of new experiences.

I feel more at peace with facing hurdles that are part and parcel of life. I feel like things are falling into place for me. Opportunities are arising almost without effort alhamdulillah. Again this was not a direct intention for my coaching but a pleasing and rejuvenating outcome. 

Do it! Don't delay. If you put in the effort required for the coaching you will release in you the best version of yourself and inshallah thrive. Its as if the light will shine in you and that light will begin to shine on those around you. 

Mashallah you are amazing Selma! Please continue helping other women. 

If you want growth and guidance to a better you, I highly recommend The Heart-Centred Coach - Selma!"

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