"I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve invested my money in; self-growth. It was truly transformational. The course wasn’t just general tools and techniques on how to change. It was tailored for me as a woman. It was a course that got me back to realigned and balanced me. It helped me channel my energy towards the things that mattered. Selma aided me by giving me tools that helped me find balance in all aspects of life - me, my family and my dreams. The power types helped me in understanding my personality better. It gave me an insight on ways to develop it and allowed me to utilise that knowledge to my advantage. Selma was everything you could ask for in a coach. Although I had my own reservations about opening up to a complete stranger - she created a safe space for me from the very first session with her warm infectious character. And for that, I’m truly grateful. I would strongly recommend that you embark on this journey if you’re seeking to transform your life."


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